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Heritage Lace Window Treatment Measuring Instructions

1. Select the pattern and size you like.
2. Select the correct hardware: The most commonly used types of rods are Tension Rods, Projection Rods, and Cafe Rods.
  • Tension Rods are spring loaded to fit into the window sash. No nails or screws are required.
  • Projection Rods project out into the room away from the window trim to support the curtains. They require nails or screws to attatch to the surrounding walls or window trim.
  • Cafe Rods are poles, supported on brackets attahce dto both sides of the window, trim, or wall. They're ornate and capped at both ends with decorative finials.

Heritage Lace window treatments incorporate either a 1 1/2" sewn rod pocket or decorative rod holes across the top of each curtain. Select the rod that best matches your budget and the look you want to achieve. Some layered treatments may require two rods: one (nearest the window)for a panel and another outside the first, for a valance or swag pair.
3. Choose the desired fullness
Generally, curtains should be about 1.25 to 2.25 times the width of the rod on which they'll be installed. A standard 60" curtains fits a window from 30" to 48" with varying fullness. If your windows are wider, you will need 2 curtains to cover.
3. Hang and enjoy
Heritage Lace curtains are easy-care. After removing from the package, simply let any wrinkles hang out overnight. If necessary you may touch up with a warm iron.


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